Coloring the world with paint


  • Automobile and transportation machinery

    Automobile and transportation machinery

  • Iron and steel structure

    Iron and steel structures

  • Construction and roadwork machinery

    Construction and roadwork machinery

  • Housing materials and equipment

    Housing materials and equipment

  • Industrial products

    Industrial products

  • FPD and function products

    FPD and function products

Proposing a Trinity

Paint expertise

Engineering expertise

Coating expertise

A specialized company performing the following functions and formed on the three pillars of sales, equipment engineering, and coating business
  • Commercial transactionsSales and trade of goods and services
  • LogisticsReceiving and dispatching, stocking, shipping, equipment delivery and installation
  • Business development Development and commercialization of new products and services
  • Market developmentMaking use of information and networks to develop markets
  • Risk managementManaging and minimizing risk in the course of business
  • FinanceAdvance credit, advance payments, inventory finance, etc. accompanying transactions
  • InformationCollection and analysis of various information, providing information to clients
  • OrganizationComprehensive execution and driving forward of client projects

Many competitive suppliers

  • Surface treatment agents and solvents
  • Lubricants and cleaning products
  • Coating equipment and peripheral equipment
  • Anti-corrosive fluids, cutting fluids, stripping agents
  • Paint quality inspection equipment
  • Adhesive, sealing material, filler
  • Tape, polishing products, processed products
  • Safety and environmental products
About Paint
Automotive paint

We offer paint for automotive metal parts such as e-coating, intermediate coating and base clear paint as well as paint for plastic parts including exterior and interior parts.
We understand the process and equipment related to automobile part coating, and have accumulated comprehensive coating know-how, thereby contributing to the realization of coating systems that are able to bring out the properties of individual paints and films to the utmost to produce a comprehensive synergistic effect.
We also handle UV curable paint, water base coats, and antiglare HC material for touch panels and displays, etc.

Industrial paint

Industrial paint plays a part in the manufacture of a wide range of products such as construction and industrial machinery as well as machine tools and residential equipment. We are able to supply solvent-based paint, water-based paint, powder coatings, and electrodeposition coating to almost any manufacturer dealing with metal, resin and ceramics products.

Paint for steel structures and pre-coating (PCM)

We provide anti-corrosive and protective coatings for steel materials such as thick plates, steel pipes and thin plates produced by major steelmakers.
We also provide heavy duty coatings for bridge, ship, and plant manufacturers to protect steel structures from corrosive environments. We offer maintenance paint to ensure longer life for the aging and corroding social infrastructure. We supply pre-coating paint for steel sheets such as those used in household appliances, roofs, and galvanized steel sheets for siding.
Recently, we have been helping to develop steel sheets with a new design and functions such as contamination and thermal insulation.

Functional paint

Functional paint, which can offer a variety of functions and performance in addition to the basic functions of protection and aesthetics, has been gaining much attention in recent years. For example, we have provided anti-reflection treatment for computer and smartphone screens, made exteriors hydrophilic to resist fouling, provided heat shielding for roofs of houses and factories, and applied scratch-resistant paint to cars. We believe we can help our clients by giving their products new functionality.

Surface treatment agents, adhesives, cutting fluids, anti-corrosion agents

We offer a surface treatment agents that form a chemical conversion coating on the surface of metallic material and deliver excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion while forming an excellent coating base.
We offer products that satisfy our clients' needs such as degreasing agent, surface conditioner, chemical conversion treatment agent, post treatment agent, and environmentally conscious products. We also provide various adhesives, various cutting fluids for machine work, anti-corrosive agents such as rust preventive oil, vaporizable anti-corrosive agent, and anticorrosive film, as well as press oil, spattering prevention agent, and sealing agent, all of which contribute to adhesion and functionality of a wide range of parts used in transportation equipment, industrial equipment, electric and electronic equipment.

Auxiliary coating materials

Covering and masking tape, masker, building sheets and protective covers, coating tools and supplies, polishing products and related supplies, chemical products, power sources, air compressors, air dryers, filters and other air peripheral equipment, generators, coating equipment (spray guns, spray coating peripheral products pressure pumps), electric and air tools, cutting tools, fastening tools, stirrers, washing machines, drying and heating equipment, fixtures, inspection and measuring equipment, waste material processing equipment, scaffolding and related equipment, safety and sanitation equipment and labeling equipment, construction site equipment