Began operations focusing on paint, coating and secondary materials, and various coating-related services, and in March 2011 became a trading company handling 15 major product categories including chemical products, various protective items, building materials, mechancial equipment, and machined products.

Case study ①

Construction machine manufacturer
Our company provided support for all aspects of coating production for a client who entered the Chinese market.
We locally procured global-quality paint and secondary materials in China, designed and constructed coating lines indispensable to coating, and came up with solutions to various technical problems.
We have continued to provide consistent support from the coating production start-up stage to the present.

Case study ②

Various manufacturers
We have worked from proposal to follow-up on the adoption of equipment for exhaust treatment equipment in response to environmental regulations.
The Chinese authorities have been rigorously demanding countermeasures against environmental pollutants emitted by companies.
Our company has a particular wealth of experience in exhaust treatment equipment to prevent air pollution, and our proposals have been adopted by clients. We also provide solid follow-up after adoption to give our clients peace of mind.
  • VOC concentrated combustion method
    (installed 2016)
    Exhaust air capacity: approx. 120,000m3/h
    LNG combustion method

  • VOC concentrated catalyst combustion method
    (installed 2017)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 40,000m3/h
    Electric type combustion method

  • VOC concentrated catalyst combustion method
    (installed 2018)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 60,000m3/h
    Electric type combustion method

Company name Shinano Trading (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. | SHINANO TRADING
Head Office

Hebei Province Tangshan City Kaiping District Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Zone Management Committee No. 430
TEL : +86-315-339-0975 FAX : +86-315-339-0977

Our services ○ Sales of paint and various production goods
○ Coating equipment, robotic engineering, automated equipment business
○ Environmental and energy-saving equipment
Capital ¥50 million
Executive officers CEO Matsudaira Kuniomi
President Matsuda Tetsuya