We offer comprehensive proposals for complete coating systems including paint, equipment, robotics, coating apparatus, and environmental measures.
We provide support by making use of our coating technological expertise from hardware to software and materials.
We solve coating and engineering problems from the perspective of an expert.

Case study ①

Industrial vehicle manufacturer
Coating robotics system
This involved the adoption of robotics to carry out the spray coating process that is typically done manually by workers. In conjunction with automation, a two-liquid mixing device was also adopted.
Full automation was realized by equipping existing lines with an automatic workpiece identification system and coating robots.
Tech support for all work was handled by our technical staff.
  • Preliminary examination by MOTOSIM
    Robot simulation

  • Coating robot: EXP 2750
    Work conveyance: power & free conveyor

  • Paint supply device: two-liquid mixing system

Case study ②

Manufacturer of children's household goods
Handling robotic system
Our palletizing system for palletizing software MOTOPAL specification was adopted, and was rationalized by making robot teaching and operation even easier.
In addition to designing and manufacturing packing and palletizing lines, we performed teaching for all products.
  • Preliminary examination by MOTOSIM
    Robot simulation

  • Palletizing robot: MPL 160
    Product feeder: accumulation conveyer

  • Hand: mechanical type → vacuum type, significant improvement in maintainability
    24 hr continuous production

Case study ③

Precision reducer manufacturer
Handling robot system (1st period: 4 systems, 2nd period: 2 systems, with plans for more than 20 systems in the future)
Loader for NC processing machine combining high-mix compatibility with double hand and automatic reversal work
Unloader unmanned operation was realized. The automatic operation of four processing machines was achieved with a single robot.
Our company has dealt with all workpiece teaching from design and production.
  • Preliminary examination by MOTOSIM
    Robot simulation

  • General purpose robot: MH-180
    Applicable processing machines: vertical type CNC lathes

  • Handling robot: MH-50II
    Applicable processing machines: CNC lathes, vertical CNC lathes

Case study ④

Clients in various industries
Processing system for various VOCs (environmental measures)
  • Concentration + catalytic combustion method (installed 2018)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 60,000m3/h
    *Catalytic combustion involves a combination of electricity and steam (countermeasure against power failure).

  • Concentration + catalytic combustion method: 3 sets (installed 2018)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 60,000m3/h/set
    Combustion method: electric

  • RTO (combustion) method (installed 2018)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 50,000m3/h
    Combustion method: natural gas

Company name Shinanoa Autotech (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
Head Office

201 R&D HUB 3, Science and Education Town, No.801 Middle Changwu Rd, Changzhou Jiangsu Province P.R. 213161 China
TEL : +86-519-8528-9988 FAX : +86-519-8528-9978

Headquarters and Technical Laboratory
  • Supports various types of coating tests, conveyor synchronization, overhead conveyance, spindle, stationary

  • Concentration + catalytic combustion method (installed 2017)
    Exhaust wind capacity: approx. 143,000m3/h
    Combustion method: electric

Shanghai Technology Center (Robot Center)

Shanghai Jing'an Jing'ei Road 700, Dainging Center, Plaza D 4 Building, Yaskawa Electric Shanghai Technical Center
For inquiries, please contact our headquarters in Changzhou.
Yaskawa exhibits various robots, and has over 20 demo machines for a variety of usage examples.

Our services ○ Sales of paint and various production goods
○ Robotic engineering and automated equipment design and construction
○ Environmental and energy-saving equipment design and construction
○ Coating technical instruction, robotic operation and teaching training, maintenance training
Capital ¥30 million
Executive officers CEO Matsudaira Kuniomi
President Takahashi Yoshitaka