"Development" is an important keyword as we head toward the future together with our clients.

Development of new businesses and business models, development of new products, development of new methods and specialized equipment.
In order to contribute to the advancement of society and of our clients, “development” has become an important keyword.
We will continue to provide solutions as we constantly look from our clients’ perspective to anticipate what they will want next.

Sales Development

We have brought about an evolution of materials through a combination of surface treatment methods, functional chemical materials, and special paint.
This evolution of materials enables the improvement in the added value of our clients’ products,
which in turn has made the consumers using these products happy.
We will continue to pursue even higher performance and functionality to develop products appreciated around the world.

High-luminance coating method replacing plating and vapor deposition

Applying a high-luminance coating from the back of highly transparent material such as polycarbonate resin or acrylic resin produces a beautiful silver mirror surface, high-luminance design replacing the plating and vapor deposition on the surface.
[Coating specifications] Base coat layer: Less than 1 μm Barrier coat layer: Protects base coat layer and prevents light transmission
[Examples of use] Car interior parts, automotive exterior parts, emblems, various reflective materials, etc.

Coating on lightweight fiber material

Automobiles have been promoting weight saving in order to improve fuel efficiency.
Reducing the weight of parts and materials has therefore become a major development theme.
We are helping to develop coatings based on a new construction method for fiber resins such as FRP and CFRP, which are reduced weight materials expected to be more in demand in the future. Together with our clients, we have been studying material and construction method development in addition to optimum condition settings in order to optimize fiber resin surface at the time of material molding.

Business Development

We take part in the production process of our valued clients.
Our goal is the optimal use of the coating technology that we have cultivated and our factories.
While aiming to create painting process technology for the future, we cultivate talented technical human resources and pass on that technology to the next generation.

Contract coating for our clients' construction machinery parts at our facilities

In order to optimize production line layout due to the aging of the client's coating lines, we have built a small parts coating line for construction machine parts at our factory.
Through this, we contribute to stable production for our clients, not only by taking on coating work, but also by storing coated finished products, and providing a JIT distribution function.

Products developed by SHINANOA
Development products High-luminance BC Ag coating Magmirror
Applicable materials Transparent resin All kinds of resin Magnesium alloy
Use Emblems
Lighting reflectors
Plating substitutes
Auto parts
Industrial products
Plating substitutes
Auto parts
Mobile phones, computers
Features Rear coating for
transparent material
Silver colloid
Complex material
Special chemical
conversion coating