PT. SHINANOA INDONESIA is a trading company dedicated to coating that provides coordination & solutions to requests in response to clients requests in Indonesia.
In March 2011, we began operations related to paint and secondary materials, coating equipment, and coating in line with valued clients expanding into Indonesia.
Japanese staff with knowledge and experience in paint and equipment along with local sales staff skilled in color matching take complete care of client’s troubles.

Case study ①

Automobile parts manufacturer
Adoption of cation electrodeposition coating
We provide full support related to e-coating.
Paint and pretreatment as well as coating equipment, drainage equipment, drainage chemicals, and utilities can be centrally managed.
We provide assistance with both hardware and software to help you produce high-quality products.
In addition the coating pretreatment condition check, adopting our company's equipment allows you to conduct regular periodic inspections and control the condition of the main e-coating main equipment (UF, diaphragm, polar liquid device, etc.)
We also prepare all products such as peripheral coating equipment, utensils, dedicated thinner, and chemicals, etc. for customers who are coating overseas for the first time. We can also provide a local response for washing thinner and so on to ensure the same formulation as used in Japan.

Case study ②

Automobile parts manufacturer
Electroformed mask jig
We have created a system that allows clients to produce electroformed mask fixtures made locally in Indonesia and supply them to clients who have themselves arranged to have jigs manufactured in Japan.
It is possible to respond swiftly following trouble by delivering jigs quickly to the site.
Costs can be reduced considerably compared with imported goods for aspects such as dealing with changes in location, or for traveling expenses incurred when trouble occurs.

Case study ③

Automobile parts manufacturer
Automatic coating system
In the coating industry, where small lot, high-mix coating is increasing, we calculate coating conditions and takt time locally for clients who are newly adopting coating equipment.
Preliminary conditions can be set at the laboratory facilities of our partner.
Pre-coating is possible using robots or reciprocators.
We are able to greatly reduce the cost of sending work and traveling to Japan.
We propose optimum coating equipment and supply equipment such as low pressure electrostatic guns, rotating bells and so on.
Head Office

Jl.Kenari Raya Blok D No.06 Delta Commercial Park2 Kawasan Industri Delta Silicon 6 Cikarang Bekasi 17530 West Java.
TEL : +62-21-2909-3830 FAX : +62-21-2909-3832

Our services ○ Paint, solvents, pretreatment agents, cleansing agents and various chemicals
○ Coating equipment, various jigs, various cans, wastewater treatment equipment
○ Consumables for coating, plant materials
Capital USD $350,000
Executive officers CEONonami Hirotaka
PresidentIto Takayuki