Our global offices provide manufacturing support for clients' production facilities around the world.

We have bases in China (eastern and northern China) and Indonesia (near Jakarta), allowing us to respond to all needs and wants relating to industrial coating such as paint, coating, and equipment.
From coating specification studies, improvement and development of paint, equipment engineering, paint storage & supply and color matching, jigs and secondary materials necessary for coating to sourcing of local suppliers to production line management from factory startup, we have established a system to provide the maximum possible support for local clients.

Our Overseas Locations
Overseas Operations

We provide coating expertise for clients entering overseas markets for the first time, and clients who need support overseas.
We have a proven track record of supporting many companies since establishing an overseas affiliate in the Hebei Province of China in 2008.
We also established a presence in eastern China and a local subsidiary in Indonesia. We provide support by supplying not only paint, but also coating equipment, production secondary materials, coating line management, and coating technology expertise.

  • Coating and environmental equipment
  • Paint and secondary materials
  • Jigs and materials
  • Coating production support
  • Robotics/teaching
  • Educational support


Can you provide equipment that will ensure the same coating quality as in Japan?
Yes. We can procure equipment from Japan as well as collaborate with local manufacturers.
We will propose not only coating equipment, but also ancillary utility equipment and environmental protection equipment.
Can you help us lower the cost of our overseas production?
We coordinate with multiple suppliers. We will come up with a proposal to reduce costs and provide expertise.
We and our partners offer emergency response for any urgent equipment issues.
Are environmental measures becoming stricter, and can you offer proposals to help with this?
We have much experience in this area, such as in the adoption of processing equipment for VOC emissions generated during coating, and in wastewater treatment equipment.
We also propose solutions with environmental coatings such as water-based paint and powder coatings.
Can you offer any solutions to reduce the time needed for color matching to a specific body color?
Our technical staff can help with color matching on the spot.
Our specialized staff can also provide help with robot teaching.

Please contact us if you have any coating material, coating, or equipment concerns, including on anything other than the above. Our specialist staff are on hand to help you with any problems.