As a coating contractor, we provide support for coating production on our clients' coating lines.

Through coating, we can improve the quality of our clients' products, not only by improving their appearance, but also protecting them from the environment, which plays an important role in their functionality.
Human resources, coating material, equipment, technology and techniques are indispensable to coating production, and we are constantly striving to improve our overall coating capabilities by conducting QCDS improvement activities together with our clients.

Company name SHINANO CORPORATION Co., Ltd.
Head Office Obu Shin-e Industrial Complex, 15-20 Shin-e, Yokone-machi, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture 474-0011 Japan
TEL : +81-562-44-0905  FAX : +81-562-48-4817
Office 2-75, Daito-cho, Obu City, Aichi, Japan 474-0023 Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd.
TEL : +81-562-48-2813  FAX : +81-562-48-0229
Our services Contract coating for industrial vehicles (outsourcer)
<Coating types>
・Cationic e-coating
・Automatic machine coating (using reciprocators, robots, etc.)
・Powder coating
・Finishing precision coating, etc.
Coating quality control
Coating line management and equipment management
Marking film, cutting sheet processing and construction
Capital \10 million
Executive officers President DirectorNonami Hirotaka
DirectorKamaya Toshiro
AuditorKamaya Masahiko
Main client Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd.