Supporting our valued clients' manufacturing

As a coating technical advisor and an outsourcer for production, we support our clients' coating processes. Coating can enhance the quality and value of the clients' products by serving the important functions of a beautiful appearance and protection from the environment. Personnel, paint, equipment, and manufacturing and production technology are essential to the coating process, and we work with clients to improve product value by improving on quality, cost, delivery and service while developing coating through new paints and new equipment.

Coating Consulting

Coating consulting is a service we offer in which all or part of the coating process is entrusted to out company to carry out the actual work based on the assignment.

  • Solving various issues and problems involved in coating production
  • Quality improvements and cost reductions in coating production
  • Proposals for development and prototyping of new products in coating production, improvements in product added value
>>Coating process improvement plan
Teaching Coating Techniques

Our manufacturing personnel offer instruction in health and safety issues which are of paramount importance in the coating process, as well as coating skills and ancillary technology.

  • Instruction from safety and health education to basic coating technology for coating workers
  • Instruction in coating robot teaching and teaching guidance
  • Daily management of coating equipment, as well as equipment and preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance
>>New mass-production coating line start-up supervisory plan
Coating and Floor Coating Work

We provide a variety of coating work services.

  • Recoating work on buildings and factory roofs, walls, flooring, pipes, etc.
  • Heat shield coating work with heat-resistant coating material (high reflectance coating material)
  • Equipment plant coating, heavy anticorrosion coating
  • Maintenance free coating (long-term durability)
Industrial Coating Introduction and Support

Industrial coating methods vary widely depending on a combination of factors including the object being coated, paint, and coating equipment.
We can put together proposals and provide support to suit the client's objective.

  • Air- or airless-type spray coating is common for solvent- and water-based materials.
  • We use a corona type or triboelectric type of electrostatic coating for environmentally friendly powder coating.
  • With undercoating for automobiles and so forth, paint is applied by the force of electric current to perform e-coating with very high corrosion resistance.
  • We also offer special coatings such as roll coating or curtain flow coating for colored steel plates and flat plates, and UV coatings using UV coating materials that are cured by ultraviolet irradiation.
Coating Production Outsourcing

Outsourcing your coating management and coating operations to SHINANOA allows you to focus your management resources on activities with higher productivity.

  • Dispatching our experts to clients' factories to carry out contracted coating process work
  • Receiving clients' products and carrying out high-quality coating either at our factory or our partner company
  • Engaging in processing and construction of marking films, cutting sheets