Company name SHINANOA Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Obu Shin-e Industrial Complex, 15-20 Shin-e,
Yokone-machi, Obu City, Aichi 474-0011MAP
Sales Division
TEL : +81-562-48-4871 FAX : +81-562-48-4863
Customer Support Group
TEL : +81-562-48-4896 FAX : +81-562-48-4863
Control Division
TEL : +81-562-48-4832 FAX : +81-562-48-4817
Japan offices
Chiba Sales Office
1-3-13 Soga, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba 260-0822
TEL : +81-43-305-0757 / FAX : +81-43-262-7991MAP
Oita Sales Office
1-7-22 Mukaibaruhigashi, Oita City, Oita 870-0904
TEL : +81-97-503-0211 FAX : +81-97-503-0212MAP
Kitakyushu Sales Office
Tobata Building 215, 2-2 Tobata-Cho,
Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka 804-0001
TEL : +81-93-873-1177 FAX : +81-93-873-1179MAP
Meinan Delivery Center
1803 Nozue-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 458-0915
TEL : +81-52-621-2979 FAX : +81-52-629-0103MAP
Overseas locations
China Hebei Province
Shinano Trading (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.
China Jiangsu
Shinanoa (Changzhou) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
PT. Shinanoa Indonesia
Obu Shin-e Industrial Complex, 15-20 Shin-e, Yokone-machi, Obu City, Aichi 474-0011
TEL : +81-562-48-4832 FAX : +81-562-48-4817
Obu Shin-e Industrial Complex, 15-20 Shin-e, Yokone-machi, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture 474-0011
TEL : +81-562-44-0905 FAX : +81-562-48-4817
Our services Sales of coating materials and various production goods, coating contract and processing business, coating equipment design and construction, coating work, overseas business support, etc.
Main clients
  • Manufacturers of transportation equipment such as automobiles, automobile parts, and multi-function trucks.
  • Manufacturers of construction machinery, industrial machinery, machine tools, etc.
  • Manufacturers of steel, color steel plate, ships, steel-related products such as secondary steel products
  • Manufacturers of housing-related products such as residential building materials, housing equipment, LPG cylinders
  • Manufacturers of electrical-related products such as electrical equipment, home appliances, mobile devices, IT equipment
Main products
Paint, solvent, surface treatment agents
Leading paint and solvent manufacturers in Japan and around the world, including Nippon Paint Group
Coating equipment
Manufacturers of equipment such as coating equipment, coating devices, conveyance equipment, robotics, air conditioning equipment
Consumer goods
Cleaning agents, anti-corrosive products, lubricants & stripping products, adhesive & filler products, tape & film products, abrasives, safety and environmental products
Coating tools
Coating jigs, hangers, electroformed mask jigs, sheet metal processing jigs, masking material, various coating tools
Capital \60 million
Founded February 1, 1948
Executive Officers
Kamaya Kenichi
President Director
Kamaya Toshiro
Nonami Hirotaka
Matsudaira Kuniomi
Kamaya Masahiko
Main banks MUFG Bank Kariya branch
Seto Shinkin Bank Kurumamichi branch