Initiatives in the coating equipment business spanning 50 years

We have offered equipment proposals with a focus on electrodeposition coating equipment since around 1970, and have assisted many automotive clients with cathodic electrodeposition.
In recent years, we have honed our technological capabilities by working on automated precision painting lines for automotive interior and exterior parts and mobile products. We are in the business of providing coating services, and help to improve equipment technology by ensuring and improving equipment handling and maintenance, painting quality and so forth from the standpoint of the client.
In 2012, we launched an engineering business in eastern China, and collaborate with Yasukawa Electric Co., Ltd. for system integration that provide solutions by combining Yasukawa's robot technology and our equipment technology.
Furthermore, we have been focusing our attention on environment-related equipment, and have worked with suppliers to develop technology such as VOC exhaust treatment equipment that has been adopted by many clients.

New equipment
  • Various coating equipment
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Robot automation equipment
Automobile exterior parts, automated coating lines

Design and construction of high-efficiency coating lines in pursuit of work efficiency and coating quality.
Conveyors, coating robots, product rotating units, workpiece reversal units, synchronous transfer robot systems.
Our equipment has shown dramatic increases in workability, coating quality, and coating efficiency over conventional coating lines.

We propose the following solutions when our clients are considering new equipment.

○ High efficiency ○ Labor saving ○ Energy saving ○ Space saving
○ Quality improvements ○ Maintainability ○ Safety measures ○ Environmental measures

Maintenance, Repair, Modifications
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Long Service Life Maintenance
  • Labor Saving
Electrodeposited UF filtration equipment upgrades (repair work)

E-coating equipment is a large-scale facility, and therefore clients want to make long-term use of it due to the significant investment involved. To ensure this, we put forward proposals and plans for preventive maintenance and planned maintenance while utilizing as much existing equipment as we can, carry out repairs of equipment to be upgraded, and carry out maintenance work to ensure long life.

>>New mass-production coating line start-up supervisory plan
Modification work

We put together proposals for modification work to counter facility aging, save on labor, and improve maintainability.

Environmental Measure Facilities
  • VOC exhaust treatment facilities
  • Energy-saving equipment
  • Water recovery, waste heat recycling
VOC concentration, exhaust treatment equipment (RTO / thermal storage combustion method)

Environmental regulations relating to coating and surface treatment have been getting stricter, particularly in China. We have a wealth of experience in facilities for the treatment of VOC exhaust from processes such as coating and printing. In addition to coating exhaust treatment equipment, we have a proven track record in a variety of different equipment such as energy saving measures and wastewater treatment equipment, waste heat recovery equipment, and dust control facilities. Please contact us for further information.

>>Environmental measures for coating and surface treatment processes based on CSR